Website Audit service enables you to identify “weak” places of your web-application (website). With this service you receive detailed vulnerabilities scan report & recommendations to address those vulnerabilities.

Site security is most often neglected aspect of your business development on the Internet. Attackers are constantly looking and exploit vulnerabilities in web applications. Your websites are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provide valuable information to your visitors. Firewalls, SSL encryption, anti-virus and other protection on the Web server are useless against hacking sites. In addition, each site is unique and therefore, most likely, has unpatched vulnerabilities. According to statistics, about 70% of sites are vulnerable, with 20% of high-severity vulnerabilities. Therefore, it can be concluded that there is a need to check the site vulnerabilities.

Audit (Penetration Test) is a powerful tool for identifying vulnerabilities on your website. Penetration test allows to simulate scenarios of hacking your website by hackers. The site will be tested for resistance to the combined attacks and non-standard methods of hacking techniques. In cases where the site is based on the popular CMS (, Joomla!, Drupal and many others), will be tested further for stability of the system to known exploits.

Upon completion of the audit, you will receive a detailed report containing the found vulnerabilities and recommendations to address them. Privacy is guaranteed!

Web Security Audit Services

  • Immediate enactment of a comprehensive web application security audit
  • Analysis of the implementation of CGI-scripts the possibility of obtaining unauthorized access to data
  • Audit of the source of the web application
  • Search existing XSS, SQL, PHP injection and other vulnerabilities
  • Audit of registration forms, internet shopping carts, etc.
  • Full scan of your site, including Javascript / AJAX applications to identify vulnerabilities
  • Analysis of the server software, which operates under the web-app
  • Confidence that the site is resistant to attempts of breaking and entering, keeping confidential data safe
  • 24/7 site monitoring for viruses and malicious code, the presence of a site in blacklist
  • Site clearance of virus and malicious code

Pricing Details

  • The cost of a security audit of the site is from $199 per site. The final cost depends on the complexity of the web application.
  • Reanalysis of the site is FREE!
  • Approximate value can be calculated using the formula: $199 + $49 for each unique functionality, section of the site (service) + $49 for every 20,000 pages on the site.