In this world everything is getting older. Life of a website is usually no more than 4-5 years. Vital Webmaster, LLC will create a beautiful, unique graphic design for your redesigned website! After this period, it requires a complete reworking or just creating a new modern website. The fact is that the sites require constant work and improvements on their designs.

If the design of your website is out of date, or you feel that it does not meet current standards, of if your website is not attracting customers, or you simply have a desire to update or correct indexation in whole website or in part (to change the header of the website, for example, or to add a button or any section), then it’s time to think about the redesign of the website!

Vital Webmaster, LLC will create a beautiful, unique graphic design for your redesigned website! I will do my best to have a new site style perfectly suited to you and your customers!

All sites created by Vital Webmaster, LLC have universal content management system, which is derived in a convenient administrative web interface and allows you to quickly and independently in on-line mode to make changes to your site.
Vital Webmaster, LLC offers the following website redesign services:
  • Updating the structure of the website
  • Placement of materials on the website
  • Make new pages on the site and delete old ones, as well as edit existing pages
  • Change of the website layout
  • Installation and configuration of the scripts and extensions
  • Adding forms to the existing website, i.e. application, registration, contact form, etc.
  • Transfer of the domain name, change of the domain owners and administrators
  • Transfer of the website content to a new hosting provider

See Website Redesign Phases

Phase 1 - Creative Meeting
Phase 2 - Concept Design
Phase 3 - Website Design
Phase 4 - Review and Presentation
Phase 5 - Website Publishing
A Final Word
  • Vitaly is on the cutting edge of website optimization. I get many compliments on my website due to his creative ideas. He is very available whenever I have a concern or question.

    #Dotti / Owner, Birth Matters! Midwifery Services, Inc.

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