Website Maintenance ensures that your website is up-to-date both in content and in positioning on search engines. For a successful company’s website it is an important marketing and advertising tool. By using this tool you can increase sales, expand your customer base and maintain your company’s image. The set of activities related to the service in all areas of the website is what website maintenance is about. This service is comprehensive and includes technical and information services related to your website.

By choosing Vital Webmaster, LLC as your webmaster for maintaining your website after its completion, you allow me to solve your business problems without you going into the technical aspects of your site.

Vital Webmaster’s task is to keep your website updated with new applications that can improve your website, and other opportunities that may arise and benefit the productivity of your company.

Vital Webmaster, LLC ensures that your website has:

  • no broken links,
  • no missing images,
  • no errors,
  • no hosting problems,
  • is properly functional,
  • has no security breaches,
  • has fresh content,
  • fast website loading,
  • continuous updates and improvements,
  • pages that would encourage your customers to come back

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Utah Webmaster Services: Website Maintenance
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Website Security Improvements


Vital Webmaster, LLC installs performs analysis of the site for malware and viruses and implements reliable protection from them.

Installation of Components and Scripts

Website Maintenance Services: Scripts Installation

Vital Webmaster introduces elements of the code, web applications, scripts, and supports their performance in the future

Adding Links and Images

Website Maintenance Services: Links & Images Updates

If your company’s time does not allow personally to manage the website content, Vital Webmaster, LLC makes sure that proper images are uploaded and new content pages are added with links to them if deemed necessary

Website Accessibility Monitoring

Vital Webmaster, LLC makes sure that all images, links, and files are still on your website, and that the website is always accessible by visitors

Continuous Monitoring


Continuous monitoring of website’s performance and accessibility. If you have any problems with the availability of your website, those problems are solved in timely manner

Content Updates


Vital Webmaster, LLC makes sure that your visitors are constantly updated with the most recent information of your business. Vital Webmaster, LLC will provide you with any of the following changes to your website: product updates and additions, pricing changes, calendar and events announcements, forums and news updates, registration updates with search engines.

If your company’s time does not allow personally to manage the website content, Vital Webmaster, LLC makes sure keep your visitors updated of past and upcoming news.

Archiving and Backups


This is one of the most effective ways to keep the site and its content. Copying site typically occurs in two stages: 1. a copying of files 2. a copying of the database. All of this is archived and retained by on daily basis by Vital Webmaster, LLC. The procedure can be repeated at regular intervals. On request, we will provide a copy of the archives to the website owner, and if necessary restore the copy on the server.

Domain Name and Hosting Monitoring

Website Maintenance Services: Domain and Website Hosting

Vital Webmaster, LLC takes responsibility for the timely notification of the owner of the resource expiration date of the domain name registration and web hosting services. In case the owner forgets to renew these services, the owner may lose a domain name that immediately could be purchased by “cybersquatters” and potentially try to sell it back to you for a huge amount of money. In the case of suspension of hosting services the owner may have a big chance of losing the site itself, because it would be physically removed from the hard drive of a server provided by the hosting company.

Correction of the Server Errors


Errors and failures in the site can occur for various reasons, through: infection with the virus, hacking or freeze of the virtual server. Vital Webmaster, LLC strives to provide its customers the fastest service for the resolution of technical problems. I also completely take over the function of communicating with managers hosting company on behalf of the owner of the site to meet the challenges associated with the provision of hosting services directly affecting the operation of the resource.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Viruses

Website Maintenance Services: Diagnosis and Treatment of Viruses

Experience shows that any site can be exposed to infection by the virus. Particularly vulnerable sites written based on popular CMS. Often preceded by infection site leaked passwords from the local computer, specialized malware collect and transmit sensitive data to their owners. Infection with the virus can cause a website to various unpleasant consequences including the complete blockage of the site. Special scripts can be placed unknowingly on the client’s website that transmit the various kinds of information about your website. Those scripts can transmit spam and attack other sites.

Single Service Maintenance


Once giving Vital Webmaster, LLC the user names and passwords to the domain control panel and hosting, you will be free from the problem of preservation of these very important data. Often, site owners are losing the data and entering any changes to the site is not possible. In order to reset passwords you will have to spend a lot of time and nerves, but sometimes it also happens that the data can not be restored and then the owner will lose the domain name and the website itself. Also, Vital Webmaster, LLC always keeps a backup copy of the site, which is available on request. You no longer have to remember where passwords are stored on the FTP or MYSQL. You’ll know exactly who will be able to change or recover your password if required by your corporate e-mail to the employee of your company. All the problems in the framework of the resource are now settled in one place.

SEO and Marketing basic services

Website Maintenance Services: SEO and Internet Marketing

Vital Webmaster, LLC makes sure your website is submitted to search engines and directories and visible to visitors on Search Engines. Full service offered at the discounted price to all my clients


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