Professional website design or redesign has never been easier. With Utah web design company services you can follow simple steps that will lead you to a successful design or redesign of your website.
Most importantly, you are in control of those steps. You are constantly informed about the progress. This gives you the ability to make changes, modify or update the content and other important information on your website as the design progress is taking place.

What We Offer You

We help create succsessfull digital products, for any screen and for ever imagenably user

eCommerce & Business Sites

We analyze your website and build a small business, eCommerce, or corporate sites to highest standards.

Landing Pages

To engage with your customers through Pay Per Click and Social Ads, we build custom landing pages.

Portals & Communities

We start from structuring information architecture and mapping out functionalities (UX).

Email Templates

We build email templates to match your brand and improve visual appeal when communicating with customers.

Branding Graphics

We build logos, and graphics for websites, products, and more to improve your online brand recognition.

Appointment Booking

We help your customers schedule and manage appointments online & sync them to online calendars.
Why Chose Vital Webmaster?
Choosing me as your webmaster gives your existing or future site the capability to:

  • At will change the structure of the site.
  • Create, rename, move sections.
  • Edit and add menu items.
  • Edit page titles and meta tags.

  • Collect site attendance statistics.
  • Add news & conduct marketing campaigns.
  • Make, update, or delete site pages.
  • Get support, and much more…

Vital Webmaster's Simple Steps to a Website Launch
The website design process is simple. It has only seven easy-to-follow steps, followed by monthly maintenance and monitoring to ensure your website’s stability and longevity.
Before developing a website design, you need to set goals, choose its type and platform for creation and be able to answer the following questions:
  • What is your site about?
  • What goals are you trying to achieve?
  • How are you going to promote the website?
  • What is the website’s structure going to be?
  • What content are you planning to add?
  • Do you have established brand?
phase one

Creative Meeting

You know your business better than anyone else (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). With your help we will evaluate your current website, or discuss options available for the new one.
phase two

Concept Design

Vital Webmaster presents the concept outline and schedule for a new website. At this stage it is necessary to find out: 1) The intended audience, 2) How big should be the site from the point of view of the client, 3) Structure of the website (sitemap).
phase three

Website Design

At this stage, we generate visual and navigational ideas that are offered to the client. The Client will continue to provide us with content items for the website until the website design is complete. We will use all available tools to provide you with innovative solutions to Web Design and Internet Marketing.
phase four

Review and Presentation

Vital Webmaster will store your final design on a private web server with a temporary domain name which will be provided to you. You will be able to view your website design progress using that temporary link. We meet again to get approval to launch website.
phase five

SEO & Promotion

We will help to ensure that your website appears high on popular search engines by doing onsite SEO and help you increase sales/services by attracting targeted visitors to your website through monthly SEO consultation and website promotion.
phase six

Website Publishing

We will publish your website on the Internet using the hosting information the Client has provided at Phase 4. Any changes after this phase will be made if necessary within 24 hours.
ongoing phase

Website Maintenance

We solve your business problems without you going into the technical aspects of your site and keep your website updated with new applications that can improve your website and other opportunities that may arise and benefit your company's productivity.
Free Website Analysis
Get Free Website Review & Consultation
  • Vital Webmaste, a Utah Web Development Company, will review your current website and discuss ways to achieve your goals better online.
  • In the course of consultations to promote your website, you will learn about Vital Webmaster’s methods of promotion that you can take to promote your website on the Internet.
  • Should you decide to work with Vital Webmaster as your web development company, a free initial web design consultation will give insight into whether your webmaster can realize your idea and help you make the right choice.