SEO plays an important part in the successful presence of your business online. Having a personal SEO consultant gives you an opportunity to ask the necessary questions and get clear answer to any questions that relate to search engine optimization. You also receive a detailed audit of your website’s positioning on Search Engines on a monthly basis including your website’s visitor log.

As part of the SEO Consulting Services, monthly counseling sessions with a SEO expert will help you to take advantage of the package of tools to help improve the ranking of your site on Google, Yahoo or other search engines! Monthly service includes 30 minutes of counseling, plus advanced tools to keep track of links to your website, determine your SEO performance against your competitors and enhance the use of your site keywords and meta tags.

Monthly service includes the following:

  • You get a dedicated professional who will understand your business and your competition
  • Monthly consultations, keyword research, competitor analysis, SEO of your website plus much more
  • I do all the optimization and technical work for you and keep you informed of progress!
  • You as a customer will not have to worry about techniques of SEO process. As your personal SEO consultant I will SEO for you
  • Professional guidance from your personal SEO consultant on how to determine the best approach to improve the search engine ranking of your website
  • One-on-one instruction every month on how to use your tools SEO, to analyze and improve the use of your website keywords, meta tags and links
  • Advanced SEO tools to help you analyze your website traffic, your chosen keywords, monitor your competition and keep track of your results
  • Learn strategies to maximize your ROI for paid search campaigns as well as the efforts of SEO in one convenient package

[ht_testimonials style=”dark” effect=”general” testimonial_col=”1″][ht_testimonial image=”1276″ name=”Tumen” cite=”/ IT Manager, Moxtek Inc”]Vitaly has what it takes to be a good engineer and a web consultant. I personally worked with him and he always excelled at what he does. His internet marketing  skills are exceptional and he helped the company get highly ranked on Google in a short period of time.[/ht_testimonial][/ht_testimonials]
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