In the course of consultations to promote the site you will learn about my methods of promotion that you can take to promote your site on the Internet. As a result of the consultation, you will learn about:

  • The measures for registration sites in directories
  • The recommendations of search engines for the most effective promotion
  • The possibilities of using the Internet to promote various services
  • The possibilities of contextual advertising in various search engines (PPC)
  • How to attract visitors to the site and make it more effective.

Please call ‪(385) 200-1455‬ to schedule your free consultation or simply Contact Me by submitting your inquiry online.

In addition to promoting a website, there are other ways to attract visitors: through social network promotion, contextual advertising in search engines, and banner ads. If you want to make the site more efficient and increase its attendance, find out the different ways how to promote your site and choose the best one for yourself.

Marketing analysis of the competitive environment is something that must take place before the development of the site. During our free consultation meeting on Internet marketing, I offer basic questions to help you determine the direction of the marketing strategy of the future site:

  • How to analyze the competition and determine their policy on the Internet
  • How to analyze your target audience
  • How to determine the demand on the Internet for your goods or services
  • How to analyze keywords for future site

To get advice on branding, design, and PR analysis of the competitive environment, please call (385) 200-1455‬ to schedule your free consultation or simply Contact Me by submitting your inquiry online.

As a result of our meeting on internet marketing, you will have an idea of the marketing strategy for your website and future methods of its promotion or advertising. Website Advertising is a separate set of activities after the site’s creation. However, the preliminary market analysis allows for planning it more efficiently, thus obtaining a more significant effect from advertising.

Internet marketing is the only part of the integrated marketing research needed to identify a coherent strategy, so I am working with research agencies to determine your company’s requirements for the future website.

You want to create a website, but have not yet selected a web studio? In this case, a free consultation will give an insight into whether I can realize your idea and help you make the right choice. The project to create a website always starts with negotiations and consultations. After our meeting, you can conclude whether my professionalism and skills meet your company’s requirements.

In the preliminary negotiations during a free consultation, we simply answer the questions that will help:

  • To formulate goals and objectives for the site
  • To determine the design accents aimed at underlining the specifics of your company
  • To advise on how to make your website an effective marketing tool
  • To generate concept design and define the requirements for the site design.
  • To predefine project budget
  • To find out the actual timeline needed to create a website

Please call (385) 200-1455‬ to schedule your free consultation or simply Contact Me by submitting your inquiry online.

Consultations on website development help my clients to understand the advantages and disadvantages of choosing different solutions. Do not worry about what and how you formulate your questions; I will help build a vision of the picture and will help to define the objectives and the scheme of creating a website. During a free consultation, I will help you fill in the Concept Outline Form, which will be used as a guide for website design.
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