How to Increase the Speed of Your WordPress Website by 300%

I will be focusing more on the steps I took to speed-up the WordPress website and how to make the website load faster.

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How to Improve Website Speed & Website Performance

In this article you will learn steps on how to improve website speed and performance. These guidelines, if followed, improve your pages loading speeds.

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SEO Tips on How to Make Crawlers Index Your Site More Often

Fast indexing in search engines is an important task for any webmaster for better SEO ranking (positioning on top of search engines). The main thing that attracts search engine robots is a new content. If the site is updated frequently, such as news portals, the problems with indexation should not arise if you have the resources, new pages and all of these are literally in minutes fall in the index. But not every website needs constant updating. If it is, for example, the company’s website, it can be filled once, and then only sometimes add news. And how to get the search engines to see them quickly? Reindex or updated pages? Consider a few ways to get to the site search bots.

How do you make crawlers quickly index the new pages of the site?

Regularly updated blocks

Virtually any resource page can be placed in the form of updated blocks, for example, with news, commentary, offline messaging or social networking. Online stores can display on each page the list of recommended products that will change randomly. Search engines, in each case will see a “new” page and get used to that it is constantly updated, and those search engines will feel that they need to go there more often.

The downside of this method is considered to be that there is a small leak page that provides more weight for the same forum or news page.

Visitor retention

If you allow users to post comments on articles, add comments about the goods, own articles and other content, it will constantly update the website. It is clear that the activity of visitors should be encouraged and supported, as well as there is a need to monitor the quality of the same comments and feedback to the site does not become a spam site.

Cons of this method is possible to reduce the Relevance page keyword density. The keyword density is reduced even on a perfectly optimized pages as there is a new non-optimized text, which dilutes the main content.

New links

If there is a need to attract search engine spiders to a new updated page, then it is necessary to get new links to that page (there may be a link to a new page from your site, but it is better to get new links from external resources). According to the robot, it hits the page and reindexes it. It is ideal to get links from news sites.

For Google System, to expedite indexing there is a very well-proven service such as twitter – though at the corral in the index using twitter, so much depends on the account from which there is a link.

The only negative fact is that you have to spend money on buying links or run the link on twitter accounts.


You can always just delete the old page and create a new one – with a new address and new content. In this case it is best to make a redirect from the old page to the new one not to lose all the weight and external links. It is clear that some parameters, such as age of the document will be updated as well.

The disadvantage of this method is that it is impractical, for example, if you want to reindex a large number of pages.

What methods are acceptable, available and most appropriate for the site – everyone decides for himself, because it all depends on the features and capabilities of the resource. But best of all, if the site is constantly updated with fresh content then the search engine spiders will continue indexing your pages as often as you update content.

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